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Private Collections

Karla is my wifes great aunt, she is 96 years old, and she got a new boyfriend: Knud, and he is 90, both are so in love to each other, just like teen agers are with the “first one“. 


Compared to many old poeple in Denmark who by the age of 80 are moved into a carehome.


Karla and Knud are still living in their own place, Karla just moved to Knuds place last year, "I had to be sure that he was the good one before I quit my flat" – said Karla, before she took the decision to leave her own flat and sell all hers furniture.


Karla recommends to eat oatmeal in the mornings in order to keep your self healthy while Knud always takes a nice ice-cold minute shower in the mornings. 





Titles: “Karla Konggaard – portrait  ”Og Knud” – portrait 


From series: in-A-Rush Eastern 2015
Size 50x70

Private Collection Not for sale.

Amis au Danemark - Amigos en Dinamarca – Friends in Denmark – Venner i Danmark – Freunde in Dänemark - 朋友在丹麦 - Amikoj en Danio - デンマークの友人 - Vrienden in Denemarken - In amicis Denmark - φίλους στη Δανία

“Morten Torres” –

“Morten Torres” –

Danmex in Odense Young writter Private Collection

“Roberto Ponce” –

“Roberto Ponce” –

Greencard Mexican in Odense Master in Robotics Private Collection

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